Manon uses acupuncture within her physiotherapy clinical practice as a means and a tool to quickly and effectively lower an individual’s level of pain. With lesser pain an individual then better tolerates movement or therapeutic exercises. Whether it’s immediately after an injury or for chronic pain, the primary goal in both situations remains the same.

Acupuncture’s origins date back to centuries ago. It works by increasing the body’s natural production of pain-relieving neuro-hormones. The more neuro-hormones are in the body, the less pain can be felt. Beneficial effects can be felt with the use of as little as one needle in a session!

In the 10 years since Manon began incorporating acupuncture into her clinical practice it is clear that acupuncture’s popularity and acceptance have considerably grown. Manon continues to be fascinated by its anatomical roots, multiple indications, and little to none side-effects.

If pain is a big component of your reason to consult in physiotherapy, Manon will suggest giving acupuncture a try. Your treatment plan can include acupuncture or not. The decision will be completely yours. To feel a little anxious towards your first experience with Acupuncture is very common. Using the breath can considerably decrease the anticipated “needle feeling” for individuals.

For further formal information regarding acupuncture, Manon directs you to the educational institution that has provided her with her medical acupuncture training, Acupuncture Canada, previously known as Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Their FAQ and Acupuncture 101 sections are very informative and concise.